Dakota Black Diamond

Dakota Safe Company introduces the Black Diamond Safe line, offering an economically priced safe that protects your valuables against theft and fire. Black Diamond Safes are constructed with solid 12 gauge steel and manufactured with a continuous welded body, compared to safes that are spot welded at the seams. The Dakota BD Series have a Roll Formed Door with an Extra Wide Stiffener Plate, offering reinforcement against a pry attack. The door also contains 4 sided coverage of 1/5″ locking bolts (BD5928model-!.25″ bolts) with 3 sides active that are strengthened by anti-pry tabs in the corners. The exterior hinges offer the convenience of a full 180 degree door opening. Afford ability does not mean you have to give up the fire protection. The Black Diamond Series is a 1200°F 75min. fire rated safe with the exception of the BD5928 model which is fire rated for 45 minutes. The doors also feature an expanding heat seal. Additional features include: Built in Door Organizer, Steel Shelf Supports, Beige Interior, Powder Coat Finish, Black Chrome Hardware, Decorative Hinge Caps, Heavy Duty 5 Spoke Handle, Slip Clutch and Mechanical Lock.