At Dakota Safe Company we know you work hard for you money and therefore expect quality when purchasing a product. We are proud to introduce an affordable high end gun safe built with the hardworking man in mind. The DS Series is constructed with heavy 11 gauge steel and manufactured with a continuous welded body, compared to safes that are spot welded at the seams. The Dakota DS Series doors are comprised of two layers of 11 gauge steel with a fire board in between, making them a true composite door. Our door contains 4 sided active 1.5″ locking bolts that are strengthened by anti-pry tabs in the corners. The exterior hinges offer the convenience of a full 180 degree door opening.

Not only are we tough on security but we take fire protection to the next level. Your valuables are protected with a 1200°F 1 hr.. 45 Min. fire rating. The door also features an expanding heat seal and a cold smoke seal.

Additional Features include: Built in Door Organizer, Steel Shelf Supports, Beige Interior, 3 Outlet Power Plugs, 2 USB Power Ports, Ultra Bright Motion Activated LED Lighting System, Powder Coat Finish, Black Chrome Hardware, Decorative Hinge Caps, Heavy Duty 5 Spoke Handle, Slip Clutch, and Key Locking Dial.