The Legend

When only the very best will do, we offer the Legend.

No other manufacturer offers a 1/4 ” thick body combined with a stainless steel liner and AR 500 steel to maximize theft and breach security. The 55 rack and pinion matching machined gears give the Legend an exclusive opening system that only Fort Knox can provide.
Our dedication to perfection is more than our passion. It’s Legendary. The Legend Series has taken the best and added our finest options. The Legend is the only gun safe on the market today made with a 1/4″ steel body along with an additional 10 gauge reinforced stainless steel inner liner. The 1 3/4″ Reinforced Fire Door is complemented by our patented Rack & Pinion multi-gear locking mechanism. Each locking bolt operates independently of one another, with up to 55 precision rack and pinion gears driving up to 28 11/2″ locking bolts. You can put full confidence in the security of your valuables, at home or at the office. The Legend is perfection renewed.